Is an important step for Dease Lake, a community that can now work with the regional district to access services that other rural areas in the province enjoy, said Dennis MacKAY, MLA for Bulkley Valley Stikine. Funding will help provide the most essential of public safety services, that of fire protection services at the local level. Dease Lake Area is now defined as a separate electoral area within the RDKS.

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Terrace Bantam Reps split their weekend series against Smithers. In game 1 Smithers led 1 0 after the first period. Terrace came out strong in the second as Luke Gordon set up a wide open Jeff Kennedy to even the score at 1 1. Based on a true story about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, this looks like one of those movies that will be unbearably inspirational and patriotic. But thanks to director David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express), this is a gritty, honest drama that never dips into sentimentality. It’s also a strikingly involving story about a young man who is forced to confront things about himself far beyond his injuries.

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