Frexus CH

More durability and quality of foods


Post-harvest sanitizer that promotes more durability and quality of foods. Calcium Oxychloride based, this product promotes the disinfection of fruits, legumes, and vegetables, extending their shelf life, leaving no residues.
Different from the competitors, Frexus® CH has no sodium in its composition. Therefore, it ensures full sanitization of fruits, legumes, and vegetables without causing harm.

The result can be seen in resistant fruits, of high quality and less deteriorated. This feature makes foods more acceptable, with less discard and increased profitability.

Benefits and Advantages

Frexus CH
Granulate and tablet options

Leaves no residue


Differentiated formula: Chlorine + Calcium

High concentration of active ingredients

Increases food durability

It can be applied post-harvest in organic agriculture.

Superior performance

More safety, convenience, and profitability

Main crops treated with Frexus CH in the tank

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