High Performance Surfactants

Lonza offers an extensive portfolio of surfactants for use in a wide range of agrochemical formulations

Lonza offers a vast portfolio of surfactants to be used in a wide range of agrochemical formulations. Our strong research and development resources allow the production of high quality-solutions, according to your formulation needs. Products are backed by a platform comprising R&D resources from field laboratory, regulatory packs, and process engineering. Some of our products are 100% produced with natural material products, and our solutions cover all kinds of needs, such as:

Suspension Concentrate
Emulsifiable Concentrate
Grânulo Dispersível
Soluble Concentrate
Emulsion Water in Oil
Emulsion Oil in Water
Dispersion in Oil
Soluble Granules
Capsulated Suspension


Nonionic surfactants

Polysorbates are non-ionic surfactants with several degrees of ethoxylation, stable in a broad pH range, coming with several HLB values, allowing maximum flexibility in the formulation. Polysorbates are used as moisteners, emulsifiers, dispersants, and built-in adjuvants in several types of formulations. These products are made of natural products derivatives. All products are manufactured under BMP conditions.


Alkyl dimethyl amine oxides

Velcis™ WExipro family are alkyl dimethyl amine oxides that show great stability in acidic or alkaline medium, good compatibility with electrolytes, and tolerance to hard water. These products work as wetting agents, special emulsifiers, built-in adjuvants, loss reducers, as well as in other functions.

Polyethylene Glycol Esters

Surfactants based on polyethylene glycol esters

Velcis™ ADvect are polyethylene glycol esters-based surfactants. They have several applications, and can be used as emulsifiers, dispersants, and built-in adjuvants.


Used as built-in emulsifiers, dispersants and adjuvants

Velcis™ ADept represents a variety of polyglycerols and esters of polyglycerol for applications in agricultural products formulations. They can be used as emulsifiers, dispersants, and built-in adjuvants. They are all non-ethoxylated and natural origin products. ADept 10 has excellent dispersion properties, making it an ideal ingredient for several applications. They are ECOCERT and Soil Association certified products, which makes them a good choice for green and natural formulations.

Fatty Alcohols and Others

Lauryl alcohol ethoxylated surfactant

Velcis™ Diamond 4 is a lauryl alcohol ethoxylate surfactant with medium reach HLB, stable under a broad pH range. Velcis™ Diamond G-26 is a glycerine ethoxylate non-ionic ester, with high HLB. This product works as an emulsifier, keeping the wetting properties of glycerine. It can be used in combination with glycerine itself in several formulations.

Cationic Surfactants

Used in several types of formulations, such as adjuvants, fertilizers and pesticides

Lonza cationic surfactants are known by their excellent quality and the most varied features, adding value to the formulation, and enhancing results. They can be used in different types of formulations, such as adjuvants, fertilizers, and pesticides.

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