Special Solutions

Surfactants and agrochemical formulations

Lonza offers a vast portfolio of surfactants to be used in a wide range of agrochemical formulations. Our strong research and development resources allow the production of high quality-solutions, according to your formulation needs. Products are backed by a platform comprising R&D resources from field laboratory, regulatory packs, and process engineering. Some of our products are 100% produced with natural material products, and our solutions cover all kinds of needs, such as:

Suspension Concentrate
Emulsifiable Concentrate
Grânulo Dispersível
Soluble Concentrate
Emulsion Oil in Water
Emulsion Water in Oil
Dispersion in Oil
Soluble Granules
Capsulated Suspension


Recommended for emulsifying esters of vegetable oils and d-limonene

Velcis™ MUST 5471 is recommended to emulsify vegetal oils and d-limonene esters. It can also be used as built-in adjuvant in suspension concentrate type formulations of fungicides and herbicides.


Vegetable oil emulsifier

Velcis™ MUST 5472 is an excellent vegetal oil emulsifier, mainly soybean oil. It allows a stable emulsion with only 7.5% in the formulation, ensuring superior effectiveness during application.


Mineral oil emulsifier

Velcis™ MUST 5473 is used to emulsify mineral oil, working well in low concentrations in the formulation.

Velcis MUST 5425

Nonionic surfactant

Velcis™ Wexipro 5425 is a non-ionic surfactant developed for use in formulations of soluble liquid herbicides, liquid fertilizers, adjuvants for herbicides, and product loss reducers. Stable in a broad pH range, the product is an excellent nonylphenol free wetting agent.

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