A global leading provider of pharmaceutical, biotechnological and specialty ingredients.


Lonza is a global leading and most reliable provider of pharmaceutical, biotechnological and specialty ingredients. As a provider of integrated solutions, Lonza leverages the creation of value in all of your health services, which focus on medical assistance to patients, preventive care and healthier environments to the consumers. Lonza utilizes science and technology to create products for a safer and healthier lifestyle, improving the general quality of life. With the recent acquisition of Capsugel, Lonza now offers products and services ranging from customized development and manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients to innovative pharmaceutical forms to the pharmaceutical, health and nutrition industries. Benefiting from its regulatory knowledge, Lonza can transfer its know-how to the pharmaceutical industry, to the sanitization of highly consumed goods, and also to linings, compounds, preservation and protection of agricultural products and other natural resources. Founded in Switzerland in 1897, Lonza today is a reputed global company, that has more than 15,500 employees and operates 120 sites and offices in more than 35 different countries. The company yielded 5.1 billion Swiss Francs in sales in 2017, with a CORE EBITDA of 1.3 billion Swiss Francs. With more than 120 years of experience, we have a unique capacity of connecting biotechnological knowledge with our fine chemical know-how, which allows us offering the best solutions for the success of our customers. By continuously developing our technologies, we allow our customers to overcome some of the global biggest challenges, such as the fundamental need to prevent and treat diseases, drinking water, food abundance, advanced materials, and better hygiene and well-being. Worldwide, we are guided by our firm commitment to high quality and operational excellence in all the regions, functions, and marketplaces where we operate, every single day. Capacity building, trust and integrity govern our way of doing businesses and interacting ones with the others. As individuals and teams, we are making this a better place to work and grow.


Lonza has an exclusive area for Agribusiness that offers, with a robust innovation-oriented strategy, preservatives, functional adjuvants, high performance surfactants, and special solutions to be used in any type of formulation. Through global technologies and local knowledge, our specialists know that a good formulation can make all the difference in the field. After all, they allow a more efficient application of active ingredients.

Image: CNH Press