After a few years in the market and growing positive results for Lonza, the Frexus® brand has had its visual identity redesigned. The new logo was created based on the functionality and applications of the product range. Bringing references to the concept of germination and a styled letter “F” to create a weight icon, albeit fluid and organic, for the brand. Check below the before and after:

In addition to the Frexus® logo, the 7 sub-brands also received a new garment with the appropriate emphasis – since, hierarchically speaking, for the consumers, they are the ones that stand out on the shelves. The sub-brands gained prominent colors, chosen according to an intuitive identity related to the function of each product. The lines with the blue tone refer to the sanitizing characteristics of the product.

The green tone relates to foliar fertilizer. The orange and yellow tones are, respectively, related to the “fire extinguishing” action of one product and the disinfectant action of the other. Here’s the complete portfolio:



Once the identity of the sub-brands was created, the range of Celenco adjuvants was also reformulated with the same conceptual basis in mind.



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